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“The Campaign” started on Saturday, April 17th, 2010 and due to its success, has now continued as an annual event. This campaign against poverty is a power-packed and energizing campaign designed to raise awareness, bring people together to dialogue, and thus act, around an issue of working poor families in the Northland. We are campaigning to involve the community in the lives of their neighbors who are struggling just to make ends meet.

Poverty is NOT only about MONEY it’s about PEOPLE!

  1. People need a livable wage job to make it; as a community we need to campaign and work together as a community and bring livable wage jobs into Duluth and the Northland.
  2. People need community support in order to strive towards and secure their purpose in life-as a community we need to support continue education for working families.
  3. People need to feel that they are a part of community.  People need support to in order to break patterns of social-isolation.
  4. People need to gain insight about the issue.  For instance:  Did you know that if you are a family of 4 making around $44,100 you fall within the federal definition of  being within (200%)  POVERTY.   40% of our community falls within 200% of the Federal Poverty Guideline.

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